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Music Maker (LMMS)

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Music creation editor - LMMS online MultiMedia Studio

What is Music Maker Online?

With plenty of options available for a digital audio workstation (DAWs), it can be a daunting task to choose the right one for you. Moreover, users also have options for free DAWs that can fulfill their music-making purpose. As a result, here we have a free DAW called LMMS by OffiDocs. It is one of the better free music makers online that has plenty of features that a music producer wants.

LMMS is a music-producing platform by OffiDocs. It is an online DAW that lets users have direct access to the platform. In other words, this DAW is available online on our platform, and you do not need to download any desktop app to access it. The original version of LMMS was made for Linux, and it was launched in 2004. After that, the program was made available for windows and macOS operating systems. Moreover, this DAW is available in 20 languages which allow musicians to use this program in their native language. Apart from that, it also has a cross-platform functionality by importing projects from other DAW like the FL Studio.

What makes our application special is that it is an open-source program and free to use. In addition, the program also has a community-driven project and comes under General Public License (GNU). This beat maker online is a complete package for creating music. In other words, it gives users full freedom to create melodies and beats. After that, the flexibility of adding synthesizers lets you get creative. After arranging the sounds, you can mix and master the sounds using in-built plugins. LMMS gives you a robust interface that seems like you are in a music studio. It is one of the reasons why many musicians prefer using LMMS over any other DAW. You can also export your sounds with different format options for audio files.

Functions and Features

There are many features that make this music maker online the preferred choice of many musicians. Check out these features and get familiar with LMMS.

1. Sound Design

Musicians can design their sound by synthesizing melody, arranging samples, mixing, etc. LMMS comes with 16 built-in synthesizers and 19 built-in instruments. Moreover, this digital audio workstation also has a MIDI Keyboard. As a result, it allows users to dive into their creativity and make interesting melodies.

2. Mixing sound

You can mix and master the sound using the advanced routing capabilities and the FX mixer. The mixer has unlimited channels with powerful effects that make the sound clear and crisp. Moreover, there is also a built-in visualization that shows a spectrum of whatever sound you are mastering. You can use this feature to make your music exactly how you want it to sound. Use the spectrum analyzer for your drum beats and synths. LMMS provides intuitive plugins and effects to mix and master your sound. The whole experience will give you a feeling of an amped studio.

3. Compatibility

Our program is available for many operating systems, and our online service stretches that through OffiDocs. You can access the software via OffiDocs as long as you have windows, Linux, macOS, and OpenBSD. When it comes to drivers, LMMS is compatible with Linux Audio Developer’s Simple Plugin API (LADSPA) and Virtual Studio Technology (VST). Above all, you can export your projects in FLAC, MP3, OGG, and WAV formats.

4. Import Midi Files

The software is similar to many other popular digital audio workstations. As a result, users who have used other DAWs can easily understand how it works. More importantly, the similarities also stream through their midi files. You can import Midi files from Hydrogen project and FL Studio, which work fine with the music maker online.

5. Thrive in a community

LMMS has a thriving community with active members all around. The vibrant user base community will help you with many things related to this online DAW. Firstly, you can understand the fundamentals by reading the manuals created by the community. Secondly, there are insightful product discussions, and you can join competitions. Learn about other online daws and how to start making music from here. Above all, you will thrive in this community since you all have the same interest.

How to Use LMMS?

The first step is to click on this page, where you will be redirected to the official app page. Now click on “Enter” and wait for 20 seconds. After that, the interface of LMMS will show up on your screen. This is the main part, of course, you will use this program to make music. You can manage multiple tracks within the same project on LMMS. The tracks are a combination of your virtual instruments, vocals, and extras. The side menu on the left side is where you will upload samples and instruments. The song editor is where you will make your beats and add effects. You can rearrange and edit the tracks using the song editor panel. You can mess around with the interface, and after some trials & errors, you will easily catch up on how to use LMMS. We suggest beginners watch a complete tutorial on how to use this software. You will understand it much better and will be able to perform complex tasks.

Audio Effects and Sound Processing

LMMS has LADSPA plug-in support and a VST effect plug-in that expands the number of audio effects. There are plenty of free plugins that come in these formats, and they cover many types of effects. You can add these effects to make your sound more interesting. Particularly for sound design professionals, these can come in handy for them. Overall, this music maker online serves all the purposes of making professional-level music. It is a complete suite from its midi keyboard support to importing other midi files. Moreover, It is closely similar to FL studio, so FL studio users will not have any problem using this program.

Youtube Tutorial

Learning how to use a DAW can be overwhelming for many people. Beginners can take quite a lot of time to get familiar with the app or any other music maker. Hence, we have the complete youtube tutorial that will help you understand and learn how to use this program. Watch the tutorial and make amazing music.

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