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We are a Orange County Water Damage Company The benefits of a water damage specialist Step 1. Inspection - The very first step our water disaster managers will do on arrival at your home is conducting a thorough assessment of your home for water damage.

More often than not the damage is more serious than meets the eye but we sure hope not.

Only a qualified professional inspector equipped with the best tools for the job can safely clear water affected home before moving in again.

Depending on the nature of the water damage that occurs, it can be very difficult to detect the presence of mold and mildew.

Humidity is also hard to detect in the interior of a home without sensitive hygrometers even for keen homeowners.

Luckily, you have us answer all your questions regarding water problems.

Step 2. Finding the source - Once our professional arrives, they will seek to establish the source of the water and the reason for flooding.

Stop to flow - Water flowing in must be stopped before any other activity.

Temporary restoration options are available depending on the nature of leakage.

Identify the category of water disaster - Your water inspectors will then accurately determine the risk posed by the type of water that has found its way into your space and advice accordingly.

Find and limit other dangers - Measures should be taken to prevent secondary injury and loss of property due to flooding.

Initiate water removal and drying areas - The bottom-line is that water damage inspection is not really a choice for anyone who cares about the safety of their home once there has been a flooding event.

Step 3. Water Removal - When you are handling water damage crisis mitigation, immediate removal of water and moisture from the building is always a top priority.

Our professional water removal service will receive your call and ask a series of discovery questions to determine the kind of emergency you are dealing with.

We respond immediately and arrive at your premises in a matter of minutes depending on your location.

We use advanced water extraction and dehumidification equipment for faster more thorough drying on areas inside your home.

Try us today and benefit from our possession of all the latest toys when it comes to detection and getting rid of water and moisture in your living space.

Step 4. Clean Up - We offer many tips to our clients on how to save on property maintenance costs because we prosper when you do.

For instance, to avoid large cleanup bills you want to pick a crew that will finish the job faster to avert secondary effects such as molds.

Calling it in sooner will lessen the extent of the loss and even a few hours could make a significant difference in the total cost of cleaning and repairs.

Proactive homeowners have an easier time preventing flooding and the destruction that it comes with.

Early roof repairs, gutter cleaning, sewer inspection, waterproofing basements and wall sections and installing downspout extensions are some of the ways in which you can lessen the chances of flooding events in your home.

Step 5. Drying Areas - Time is of the essence when dealing with a flooding crisis and that is why we have a rapid response team constituting of the best-trained crew armed with state of the art machinery capable of any residential water extraction job you may have for us.

We use larger more efficient machinery than our competitors to shorten the time of draining your house to avoid molding and other forms of secondary water damage.

From moisture detectors for inspection to submersible pumps and wet/dry industrial sized vacuums, we have all the necessary equipment to handle your load within minutes.

When drying areas inside of the home, we take good care of all your property being extra cautious not to break something or cause any other form of harm to your valuables.

When there is a need to move furniture outside, we are sure to do so in a calm and orderly fashion protecting your belongings from further harm the whole time.

We will also take measures to protect your items from the elements while our work is underway.

Step 6. Repair & Restoration - Whether it’s an emergency call or you are looking to renovate an abandoned home, restoration is normally the last stage after inspection and drying.

However, one cannot emphasize enough the importance of taking this step seriously because it is one way to ensure that the disaster is not likely to strike again.

Yes, its ok to take temporary measures to limit the extent of damage due to water or a sudden storm but the sooner you can undertake actual restoration work the cheaper it will be.

We are your local partners dedicated to bringing back the curb appeal and full functionality of your home in the shortest time humanly possible and with lasting results.

We have all the services you need all under one roof which means you get to save consultation fees I case you thought about knocking on several doors.

You will also have an easier time filing an insurance claim in addition to saving time and effort.

Summary The numerous losses caused by water intruding will lead to rotting of wood, growth, rusting of steel and many other problems.

Luckily, the damage caused by rain or bursting pipes is usually covered in standard homeowners insurance.

Nonetheless, this does not include damage caused by floods.

Damages are covered if rain or hail enters through an open door or window.

A standard policy would provide coverage if the door or window was first damaged by a tree limb or a similar object.

As water damage has taken its toll on numerous states over the years, solid remediation processes have become necessities.

The goal is to correct or improve a deficiency or problem.

A strategic plan also will prevent the growth of mold.

Nonetheless, it is almost inevitable for certain states to face hurricanes and floods.

Heavy rain can also occur which will lead to damage of the home and property.

Luckily, every state has some kind of process for water damage.

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