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DuckClient is a telnet client for text-based online worlds that features easy syncing of settings between machines.

It's intended mainly for social worlds running on MUCK, MUSH, MUX, and MOO type servers.

There is limited support for MUDs.

The app uses the Chrome socket API, and runs entirely locally; it is not a web-hosted service and does not require any kind of proxy.

** Note that Google has dropped desktop support for Chrome Web apps.

There are some experimental standalone builds for Linux, macOS, and Windows at http://duckclient.

com/ ** Features include: - multiple connection support - SSL encryption - Tor support (experimental) - storage and syncing of connection information - logging - clickable URLs - URL list with optional thumbnail preview - ANSI 256 color and 24-bit truecolor support - "Fansi" (IBM Codepage 437) support - MUD Client Compression Protocol support - automatic backslash escapes for MUSHes - wildcard or regexp triggers to gag, colorize, or route text to another window Based on feedback I've gotten, I should also clarify what it's not: - a game, in itself.

It's simply a client for connecting to game servers run by others.

- a VT-100 terminal.

DuckClient is strictly line-based.

It supports a very tiny portion of the VT-100 escape code set -- only the ones for setting text styles.

- a full-fledged MUD client.

There are currently no provisions for separate status windows and the other features that combat MUDs support.

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